Engage Voice | Adjusting elements on a script page

In the following articles, we’ll take a look at each individual Page tool element and learn how to incorporate them into your scripts. First, however, let’s take a look at the mechanics of the elements: how to add them to a script page and how to move, resize, and edit them.
Remember, the Page tool can hold as few or as many elements as you choose. All Page elements are located in a dropdown menu in the Page Configuration pane.
To select and configure an element, please follow the steps below.
1. Drag and drop a Page tool from the toolbar at far left onto the canvas
2. Connect the Page tool to the appropriate tools (e.g., Start and End)
3. Hover over the Page icon and click the Edit button that appears
4. Name your tool using the Tool Name field at upper right
5. Click the down arrow to the right of the Add Element dropdown menu and choose an element from the list
6. Move and resize the element as needed (we’ll go over that next)
7. To edit the element, hover over the Page element box and click the large gear icon that appears in its upper right-hand corner. Select Edit from the dropdown menu to open the element configuration modal window
8. Use the settings in the element’s configuration window to make your configuration changes and click Done to close the modal window
9. Click Save & close when you’re ready to exit the element configuration panel
10. Save your changes, then Render the script to ensure it displays as intended. Please note: If your Page tool isn’t connected to the appropriate tools (like Start and End), the page elements will not appear when rendered

Moving and resizing Page elements

Once you’ve selected an element, it will appear at the bottom of the page you’re working on. Hover over the element box and you’ll see a large gear icon appear in its upper right-hand corner.
The gear icon contains three options: Edit, Copy, and Remove. The Edit option opens an element configuration pane, the Copy option makes an exact duplicate of the element, and the Remove option deletes the element from the page.
Hover over the element once more and you’ll see an arrow icon appear in the lower right-hand corner; click and drag this arrow to resize the element box, and then click and hold anywhere on the element itself to drag and drop it wherever you like on the script page.
Resizing an element
Please be aware that scripts will render differently depending on the display type or size in use. If possible, try to test your script on the same screen your agents will be using, as some screens and systems aren't as responsive as others and you may have to make certain adjustments to ensure they can view the script as intended.
Selecting and configuring an element
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