Engage Voice | Agent scripting elements: iFrame

The iFrame element allows you to insert an entire — fully functional — live website into a script so agents can remain in the app (and on the same page of the script) even if they need to access another site.
This article discusses additional settings and features that are specific to the iFrame element. Check out Editing Page elements: the basics for more information on basic element settings, and Adjusting elements on a script page for element adjustment.


In the iFrame element’s Configuration tab, you’ll find the following setting, which allows you to insert a website into your script:
  • Resource URL: Enter the website URL you wish to link to in this field
Set up iFrame element
Please note that any site that you iFrame must be a secure site (HTTPS), and the site must have its iFrame permissions enabled in order for you to insert it into your script. 
If there’s a site you wish to iFrame that does not have those permissions enabled, we recommend reaching out to its webmaster to ask if they can grant you permission. Otherwise, consider using our API integration features to insert the necessary information into your script.
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