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Release Notes

July 2023 Release Highlights

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RingCentral MVP Core, Version 23.2.4 (Release date: June 29 through July 21, 2023)

  • Bug fixes

RingCentral MVP Core, Version 23.2.5 (Release date: July 12 through July 31, 2023)

  • Bug fixes


RingCentral Rooms, Version 23.3.10 (Release date: July 20, 2023)

  • Detect echo leak in Rooms: Rooms now is able to detect the echo leak within its system and prompt notification for users both in the room and online, same as mobile and desktop users. 
  • Breakout Room: Timer: Rooms Users can have a visible countdown so they can understand how many minutes are left before breakout room will be closed and wrap up the discussion. And also, they can be notified when only X sec left before breakout room will be closed.
  • Share audio and video via HDMI sharing: Rooms can choose manual or automatic HDMI sharing mode on controller, Room can share both laptop screen content and laptop audio content.


RingCentral Webinar, Version 23.3.10 (Release date: July 31, 2023)

  • Simple Webinar Setup: Novice users can easily organize and run webinars best suited to their needs without training. Using an on-screen guide, they can identify the right webinar for their needs (internal-facing General Webinar ideal for employee town-halls, external-facing Marketing Webinar ideal for lead generation), and then let the system intelligently select default settings for those events. Power users can save time and effort by duplicating an existing webinar with a single click.  Doing so automatically transfers settings from the original session to the newly created one, eliminating the possibilities of errors, while also enabling users to create rinse-and-repeat sessions.
  • Live stream Webinar to YouTube: With just a few clicks, webinar organizers can configure their webinar to live stream to their corporate YouTube channel. This enables them to educate and inform their audiences where they already are: on social media. Additionally, this capability enables webinar organizers to dramatically expand the number of individuals who view the webinar. For example, a webinar organizer who has a 500-attendee license can now reach tens of thousands of viewers on YouTube at no additional cost.
  • Host Webinars lasting up to 12 Hours: Webinar organizers can now host events that last up to 12 hours, up from 8 hours previously. Furthermore, this 12 hour duration only applies to the live broadcast of the session where attendees join, enabling organizers to also host a separate prep-session for their team lasting an additional 12 hours prior to the live broadcast (for an overall session duration of 24 hours). When taken in their entirety, these improvements make it simple for webinar organizers to prepare for and run all-day sessions such as Product Launches, Customer Meetups, etc.
  • Quality and Usability Improvements: Over 30 fit-and-finish and reliability enhancements.
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