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Release Notes > Highlights > December 2020
Release Notes

December 2020 Release Highlights

RingCentral app mobile, Version 20.4.30 (Release date: 12/9/2020)
  • Customized tabs
    • Users can now reorder their tabs on the bottom bar to prioritize frequently used features, such as Phone and Contacts.
  • Team Connect enhancement
    • (UI improvements) Create a team with your meeting participants so you can communicate before, during, and after the meeting.
  • Meeting preview widget (iOS only)
    • Add meeting widgets to your home screen to easily keep track of upcoming meetings.
  • Filmstrip enhancement (RingCentral Video)
    • Move the filmstrip position on the iPad and Android Tablet.
  • Meeting ID concealed (RingCentral Video)
    • Hide meeting ID from the toolbar for enhanced security.
  • Hide call logs (iOS only) 
    • Hide phone and video call logs from native phone call log.
RingCentral app desktop, Version 20.4.30 (Release date: Mid-December)
  • Remove guests from contacts
    • Admins can now remove external guests from company contacts.
  • Direct Screen Share (RingCentral Meetings Rooms)
    • Instantly share your screen to RingCentral Meeting Rooms from the app.
RingCentral Video, Version 20.4.30 (Release date: 12/3/2020)
  • Closed Captions (Open Customer Beta)
    • Improved caption logic to be more sequential and updated speaker name color to be more recognizable.
  • Virtual Background improvements
    • Created a new holiday background and added the ability to upload up to six custom images.
  • Prevent echo when joining from multiple devices 
    • Restricted audio to one device when joining a meeting from multiple devices.
  • Hide toolbar by default when presenting from the RingCentral desktop app
    • The RingCentral Video single active speaker view is easier to see now.
  • Toolbar remains same width when participant chat panel opens
    • Prevents toolbar buttons from shifting. 
RingCentral Video, Version 20.4.25 (Release date: 12/3/2020)
  • Virtual Background (Open Customer Beta)RingCentral Scheduler
    • To improve your work-from-home experience, RCV Virtual Background can blur your background or replace it with a pre-set or custom image.
  • RingCentral Scheduler
    • The two Outlook add-ins (“RingCentral Meetings for Outlook” and “RingCentral Video Add-in”) will be merged and replaced by “RingCentral Scheduler”. 
  • 15 fps screen sharing from Chrome/Edge
    • Screen sharing from a browser will be smoother as the maximum frame rate is increased from 5 to15 frames per second (depending on CPU & bandwidth).
  • Freeze video while reconnecting
    • A participant's video will be frozen (instead of switching to the profile picture or initials) when they are having connection issues.
  • Improved Audio & Video settings
    • The microphone test will playback your voice to check input level. Audi & video settings were moved from the General tab to the Audio & Video tabs to make them easier to find.
RingCentral Rooms, Version 20.4.30 Android (Release date: 12/8/30)
  • Set region and dial-in number
    • Rooms users can now choose the region and number they prefer to instruct users to dial into the meeting. 
  • Pan, tilt, zoom in & out the camera during a meeting
    • If a Rooms camera supports PTZ, users in room can now pan, tilt, and zoom in & out the camera during a meeting. 
  • Controls cameras on Poly X30 and X50 room cameras. Available for RingCentral Office customers with Standard, Premium, or Ultimate editions.
  • Ability to adjust Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) from the Rooms controller.
  • Control camera auto framing - Once enabled, the camera will automatically track and frame the meeting participants.
  • Control Room camera auto framing
    • If a Rooms camera supports auto framing
  • IT admin can set the camera to automatically track and frame the meeting participants.
  • User in Room can turn on/off camera auto-framing setting from Control Camera dialog, during meeting. 
RingCentral Phone app, Version 20.4.0 (Release date: Mid December)
  • Control bounce/flash app icon
    • Users can control bounce/flash behavior of the app in Windows and Mac application trays.
  • JPEGs for MMS
    • Users can now attach and send JPEG files as MMS.
Administrative (being released starting in November, by account)
  • Telco Relay Service calling 711
    • Hearing-impaired users are now able to reach state Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) by calling 711 from any endpoint with a US or Canada digital line assigned. A new TTY Softphone has also been added to the RingCentral App Gallery.
  • RingCentral Phone plugin for Citrix
    • Optimize the telephony processing in your Citrix VDI environments.
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