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Release Notes > Highlights > February 2022
Release Notes

February 2022 Release Highlights

  • RingCentral Desktop & Web App, Version 22.1.20 (Release: 2/24/2022)
  • Quick contacts: Add the contacts you connect with most frequently to your Quick contacts, making it easier and faster to reach them.
  • Advanced app commandsHave incoming calls automatically open an external app or URL.
  • Group extensions: Search and call Group extensions from your Contacts tab.
  • Share files from Box: Share files in your message directly from your Box cloud storage system.
  • Meeting dial-in number localization: When a meeting is shared in a conversation, the dial-in number will be localized to the region set in your Admin Portal.
  • RingCentral Mobile App, Version 22.1.20 (Release: 2/28/2022)
  • RingCentral Phone Desktop App, Version 22.1 (Release: February 15 through March 11, 2022)
  • Added Finnish language support.
  • Improved blocked and allowed numbers management for calls, faxes, and SMS. Added the ability to block private numbers.
  • Added ability to select audio devices for Citrix and VMware (plugin update required).
  • Added a visual indication when media is optimized for Citrix and VMware.
  • Bug fixes.
  • MVP Core, Version 22.1 (Release: February 1 through March 1, 2022)
Admin Portal
  • Allow assigning numbers when deleting users
  • Performance tuning for loading phones in various areas
  • MACD Swap & reassign phone
  • Forward all company calls (FACC)
  • Global MVP has added Lithuania to the list of available countries
Phones and Devices
  • Global MVP has added Lithuania to the list of available countries
 Available for purchase or rental in US, Canada, & UK only
  • Yealink W76P & W79P DECT handsets
  • Yealink CP925 & CP965 conference models
  • Yealink T43U, T46U, T48U, T53W, & T54W with expansion modules
  • Poly Rove 30 & Rove 40 wireless models
  • Unify CP700 with 1 or 2 extensions
  • Unify CP700X with 0, 1, or 2 extensions
  • For assisted provisioning only: Yealink T58W & VP59P
  • MVP Core, Version 22.1 (Release: February 10 through March 22, 2022)
  • Bug fixes
Engage digital
  • Engage Digital, Version 22.1.3 (Release Date: 2/9/2022)
  • Engage Messaging: Share location feature, Preserve the position of the Title Message on iOS & Display agent name and time stamp in responses  
  • Email: Allow autocompletion for Identities controlled by Engage Digital
  • WhatsApp: Structured messages enhancements
  • Engage Digital, Version 22.1.4 (Release: 2/24/2022)
  • Agent Assist: Automated Google Agent Assist model creation
  • API: Exposed ‘no_password’ field in user API and exports
  • Engage Dialog Flow: Prevent message fallback to agent when an end-user message has more than 256 characters
  • Engage Digital: Global retention policy and Data Purge extension limited to 2 years
  • Agent Messages: ‘Anonymize’ or delete the content of a message
  • Engage Voice, Version 22.1.1 (Release: 2/7/2022)
  • Engage Analytics: New ‘Copy Report URL” & ‘Copy Dashboard URL’  buttons to share Reports or Dashboards
  • Engage Analytics: New Reports and Attribute, Dashboard Enhancements & New Dashboard Timestamp feature
  • Engineering Improvements: The 22.1.1 February Release includes various improvements, including bug fixes and performance of Engage Voice software.
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