Engage Digital | Configuring email templates

By default, email templates apply to all channels, categories, and languages of messages. You can restrict the channels, categories, or languages that apply to an email template.

Adding email templates

1. Navigate to Agent Tools > Email templates via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Click Add to add a new email template.
3. Leave the Active box checked to enable the email template.
4. Enter the name of the email template in the Label field.
5. Select the channels the template applies to from the Channels dropdown menu. 
6. Select the categories the template applies to from the Categories dropdown menu. 
7. Select the languages of messages the template applies to from the Languages dropdown menu. 
8. Click the Contexts dropdown menu and select the message contexts to which the template applies.
9. Insert any HTML you want that defines CSS rules into the HTML code window.
10. Review the Preview window to see that your changes are reflected.
11. Click Submit email preview.
12. Review the email you receive to verify the appearance and content is acceptable.
13. Click Save.
Once you have created an email template, you can delete or edit it as needed.

Email template configuration options

  • Active: Enables the email template for use by agents.
  • Label: Names the email template. This is the name that agents see when selecting a template.
  • Channels: Specifies channels where this email template applies. If empty, applies to all channels.
  • Categories: Specifies categories where this email template applies. If empty, applies to all categories.
  • Languages: Specifies the language of the message where this email template applies.
  • Contexts: Specifies the message contexts the email template applies to. 
    • Automatic reply: Applies to automatic reply emails.
    • New discussion: Applies to new discussions.
    • Agent reply: Applies to replies by an agent.
    • Survey: Applies to emails generated for customer satisfaction surveys.
  • HTML code: Allows you to specify code that defines CSS rules used by the HTML content.
  • Preview window: Displays a preview of changes to your email template after you edit the HTML code.
  • Show available variables: Displays a list of variables that can be used in the HTML code.
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