Engage Digital | Intro to channels

Channels are the different digital social media sources that are managed within the platform. A channel is the source associated with an account on a digital medium such as Twitter, Facebook, email, or webpage chat. Once you configure a channel, agents can respond to messages on behalf of the company rather than individually.
Once a channel is added, a synchronization process will occur. Synchronization is the process of pulling source messages into the platform periodically after a channel is connected. Once the channel synchronization is complete, you can view the channel status in the Channels table located under Channels > Channels via the left-hand navigation bar. 
When a successful synchronization has occurred, you’ll be able to see in the Messages column that a number of messages have been imported from the channel. Ongoing synchronizations will occur periodically, but will typically involve less message volume.
Synchronizations for channels with regular traffic may occur every minute or every few minutes, but the time a synchronization takes to complete may depend on the number of messages being processed. Synchronization time periods may also be limited by the policies of the channel itself.
For channels such as email that may have received lower traffic during the past hour, the synchronization time will be throttled to once every 10 minutes.
Messages column in Entry Points
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