Engage Digital | Intro to agent capacity

In Routing mode, agent capacity is the number of simultaneous open conversations that an agent is allowed to process. The platform uses two kinds of agent capacity: default capacity and max capacity.
Default capacity is the soft limit. When an agent reaches their default capacity, the platform will no longer route messages to the agent unless the agent manually requests for more.
Max capacity is the hard limit. When an agent reaches their max capacity, the platform will no longer route messages to the agent, and the agent can no longer request for more. See Availability per agent (Routing mode only) report for more information on how agent capacities are used.
Since default capacity and max capacity both need to be configured, it helps to think of these two values as a set. The platform calls this set agent capability.
By default, administrators configure agent capabilities on the Channel groups page. There, you set agent capabilities that will apply to all agents working in that channel group. See Intro to channel groups for more information. But administrators can override the channel groups settings by creating custom agent capabilities. You can assign a custom agent capability to one or multiple agents, and you can have multiple custom agent capabilities active at once.
For example, you can create a custom agent capability for junior agents with default and maximum capacities appropriate for their experience. At the same time, you can allow senior agents to process more conversations at once by giving them a different custom agent capability.
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