Engage Digital | Intro to notifications

Notifications are alerts generated by the system. The Notifications page allows you to set alerts that display for agents or for specific user groups. You can configure a variety of different notifications based on the different requests that are available in the platform. You can configure notifications with different message thresholds and other metrics.
When configuring notifications, ensure that you indicate the channel. Otherwise, agents may receive alerts for channels they are not assigned to. Additionally, to prevent a considerable quantity of notifications, there is a limit to the number of email messages that will be sent per day to a specific agent. If the number of sent notifications did not exceed 150 messages, the counter will reset at night and start again the next day. When this limit is exceeded there will be an ‘Agent’s notification disabled’ entry made in the audit log. 
When configuring a ‘Conversation assigned’ notification in Routing mode, note that if the same agent accepts an interaction who was assigned that conversation before, the agent will not receive an email notification.
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