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How to resolve email synchronization errors?


An error message indicates that email synchronization has failed in RingCentral Engage Digital.

Affected environments

RingCentral Engage Digital


An intermittent error with email synchronization or a problem with an identity needing to be re-enabled.


There are two ways to resolve the error: Re-synchronize the message or re-enable the Identity. 

Re-synchronize the message

For an intermittent error, you will first attempt to re-synchronize. In the actions for a message thread, click the vertical dots menu icon, and then click Retry synchronization.
Retrying the synchronization of email.

Re-enable the Identity

If the issue is not yet resolved, follow the steps below:
1. Click Admin, and then click Identities on the left menu.
2. On the search bar on the upper-right, search for the person's name or email address.
3. After the name is found, click the magnifying glass icon on the right side.
4. Click the Identity icon on the upper right corner to re-enable the Identity.
5. Click Save.
Note: If you continue to experience the email synchronization error, then it is being caused by something on the receiving side. Some common causes are that the person you are sending an email to has marked your messages as spam, has deleted/changed their email account, or they or their provider has blocked your email.
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