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Release Notes > Engage Digital > November 2020
Release Notes

RingCentral Engage Digital | November 2020

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral Engage Digital.
VERSION 20.4.4 --- 20.4.6
Release Date: November 2020
What's New
  • Ask an expert
Agents can now directly ask for help from all their colleagues through the “Ask an Expert” button. A message with necessary context will be sent to the selected person or team over Glip, RingCentral’s team messaging tool.
Ask an expert
  • Engage Messaging on Android
Engage Messaging is now available across Android mobile devices with an updated design consistent across web, mobile, iOS and Android. This new design also supports structured messages like: quick replies, rich links, template messages and carousels. 
Engage Messaging on Android
Engage Messaging on Android
  • Engage Digital Advanced Reporting
Starting February 2021 we will be launching a beta program for Engage Digital Advanced Reporting. Advanced reporting will let you create your own dashboards and reports or access prebuilt ones. All charts are customizable, and all data exportable.
Engage Digital Advanced Reporting
  • Closed chat notification
Notifications will appear if the end user closes the live-chat window before engaging with an agent. Agents will be able to quickly identify the closed chat conversations and close the task to free space for a new one.
Closed chat notification
  • Idea platform
Submit your features request or suggestions at ideas.ringcentral.com, login with your email address and click on “Add a new idea” to submit your request under the Engage Digital category. You can also vote for ideas that have already been proposed.
  • Closed chat notification
Notifications will appear if the end user closes the live-chat window before engaging with an agent. Agents will be able to quickly identify the closed chat conversations and close the task to free space for a new one.


  • Deeplinks supported in Apple Business Chat
Support deep links for Apple Business Chat messages. When the agent posts a message with a deep link it will render based on what Apple Business Chat supports.
For Apple Business Chat, we also support richlink rendering when included towards the end of the message.
  • Topology management
You no longer need to request the creation of a new topology to Engage Digital support team. Create a new topology containing all channels through the application. When adding a new channel, you just need to create a new topology and make it active.
  • Facebook change in Messenger API
We informed you on the 2nd of December that Facebook was changing its Messenger API for European customers. Facebook is still working to minimize disruption. Here are the functionalities that might still be impacted:
  • Attachments: images won’t be impacted but for other attachment end users won’t be able to send them. Agents will be able to send attachments as a link. 
  • User details like first name, last name or avatar will be anonymous. 
  • Likes may no longer be received. 
  • Read Receipts will no longer be received. 
  • Identity & context data sent via JWT parameters in https://m.me, Chat Plugin will be ignored.
The change in the Messenger API will only impact European pages in all chats, pages with admins in Europe in all chats and any chats with people in Europe. 
  • SurveyGizmo renamed Alchemer
SurveyGizmo, our survey provider will change name to Alchemer. There won’t be any changes except for the name.
  • Interface for Engage Digital
We will start switching customers to the new user interface through 2021. The old interface will be decommissioned once all customers are switched over to the new interface. 
  • Terminology change
Part of the design update, we are changing the terminology for some categories to align on RingCentral’s products navigation. This only impacts users who are using the new interface for Engage Digital.
Please find in the chart below the terminology changes.
Changing from
Soft Capacity
Hard Capacity
Impersonate, Simulate
Tasks (menu)
Task (entity)
Inbox folders (menu item)
Push mode routing settings
Changing to
Default Capacity
Max Capacity
Chat Targeting, Chat visual library, Chat Variables
AI Classification Engine (v1)/ AI Engine (v2)
Audit Log
Skill Categories (Routable categories)
Analytics Categories (Non routable categories)
Disposition Categories (End of conversation category)
Channel Group
Routing Mode
Routing Strategy
Routing Priorities
  • Update: Link to documentation
By the end of January, all documentations for Engage Digital (old and new) will be accessible from this page: https://support.ringcentral.com/engagedigital.html.
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