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As described in Intro to categories, parent categories provide the configuration settings which are inherited by the child subcategories. When configuring your categories, you will first determine what settings a parent category and its subcategories should have. Then you configure the parent category with the appropriate settings. All the subcategories that you create will inherit the parent category configuration settings.
You can choose whether to add categories manually or import them into the application by uploading a file. When adding categories manually, you first add the parent categories, then the subcategories associated with each of the parent categories. When importing categories, you construct and import a CSV/XLSX file that is formatted according to certain guidelines. 

When creating a parent category, the Color setting will allow you to visually distinguish your categories, both in Admin when working with categories for the routing of messages, and in Agent when your agents process messages. The need for distinct colors becomes important as messages may be assigned multiple categories.

Adding a parent category

You will use the same configuration page to create parent categories as well as subcategories. 
When you add a parent category, you skip configuring the Parent field.
To add a parent category, take these steps:
1. Navigate to Routing > Categories via the left-hand navigation bar  
2. Click the Add button
3. Enter the name of the parent category in the Name field
4. Click the Color dropdown menu and select the appropriate color option
5. Do not select anything from the Parent menu
6. Check the appropriate check box options (see below for more info)
7. Select the channels for which the category applies in the Selected channels field
8. Click Save

Parent category configuration options

When you’re creating a parent category, you’ll have access to a variety of configuration options, which can be found in the Create a category configuration page.
Let’s review all the configuration options available when creating a parent category:
  • Name: Specifies the name of the parent category
  • Color: Specifies a color label to be associated with the category. You can view this label wherever the category is expressed in the platform, including the Categories page, and when working with messages in the Routing mode or Inbox 
  • Multiple: Allows assigning multiple subcategories from this parent category to different messages
  • Mandatory: Forces agents to categorize a message prior to ending a case. This categorization applies only for those messages which are categorized under the parent category
  • Post Qualification: Limits agents from using subcategories as post-qualification (disposition) categories when ending cases
  • Unselectable: Indicates that you can only select subcategories, not the parent category, for the message. You can only select this option once you create the category and some subcategories
  • Selected channels: Specifies the channels for which the category applies

Adding a subcategory

As discussed, subcategories may be nested under parent categories to provide a deeper level of categorization. When you add a subcategory, you associate it with an existing parent category. The subcategory inherits the configuration options and selected sources from the parent category. 
Once you have created a subcategory, you can view it nested within the parent category and use it for a variety of purposes in the application such as labeling or routing messages. Agents can see the subcategory name in when working with categorized messages, and if they have permission, can edit the subcategory.
When you are ready to add a subcategory, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Routing > Categories in the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click the Add button
3. Enter the subcategory name in the Name field. 
4. Click the Parent dropdown menu and select a parent category from the list
5. Click Save

Importing categories

Importing categories adds categories and subcategories to your existing configuration. To simplify your import, you can generate an export of categories to retrieve all the existing categories in the console, and then edit the file (the export complies with the format specified above). Each line in the export corresponds to a category.
Generate or create a CSV or XLSX file with the following content for each line:
Please note that post_qualification refers to the Disposition category type.
You can use the Import entries without any real update (dry run) option to make a dry run to help you see what categories will be created and/or updated, when you are ready to complete a live update.
To import a set of categories and subcategories, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Routing > Categories in the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click Import to launch the Import entries in database modal window
3. Uncheck the box Import entries without any real update (dry run)
4. Click Choose File
5. Click Open to start the file upload
Once you have selected the file, the import starts, and an email is sent when the import is done.
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