Engage Digital | Organizing reply assistant groups

When there are too many knowledge base entries, you can group related entries by navigating to Agent Tools > Reply assistant groups. That way, the entries will be displayed in pull-down menus in the reply assistant of the agent interface, so that the agent can pick an entry more conveniently. 
For example, you may want to create two groups called ‘Responses’ and ‘Hyperlinks,’ used to separate responses which are textual from those which are hyperlinks. Entries for which no group has been defined are automatically put in the Misc (miscellaneous) group in the reply assistant. 
The reply assistant groups you create appear in the Reply assistant groups page and indicate the number of entries in each group, and whether the groups are enabled for use in chat autocompletion. 

If you create two or more reply assistant groups, you can sort them to change the order in which they appear in the agent interface. Drag and drop the group you want to reorder. Changes are immediately visible from the Reply assistant in the agent interface.

Creating a reply assistant group

To create a new reply assistant group, take the following steps:
1. Navigate to Agent tools > Reply assistant groups via the left-hand navigation bar  
2. Click Add in the top right corner 
3. Fill in the Name field 
4. Check the Use for autocompletion in chat box to enable this feature
5. Click Save

Configuring the reply assistant group settings

Now that we’ve reviewed how to create a reply assistant group, let’s review some of the settings you’ll find in the New reply assistant entry group configuration page.
  • Name: The name you give to the reply assistant group
  • Use for autocompletion in chat: Check this box if you want the entries of this group to be proposed to the agent for the channels that display a chat view
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