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Ana is a supervisor who wants to print a report that contains only the overall activity and performance of agents assigned to Routing mode, and the average customer satisfaction (CSAT) statistics of those agents for the previous month. She found the default Routing Mode - Operational Dashboard, but it has information that she does not need and is missing metrics that she does need.
Ana decides to use the default dashboard as a starting point to create a customized dashboard that fits her needs.


Print a customized version of the default dashboard Routing Mode - Operational Dashboard that: 
1. Contains only the desired key performance indicator (KPI) widgets. 
2. Contains only performance information from the previous month.


Create and print a version of the Routing Mode - Operational Dashboard that:
1. Does not include the Currently Open Interactions, Interactions Created Today, and Interactions Closed Today widgets, as well as the Initial Categories insights.
2. Includes the widgets that indicate the number of agents that handled interactions, the agent utilization, and the average CSAT score.
3. Shows information only from the previous month.


1. Creating a copy of an existing dashboard.
2. Removing a widget.
3. Removing an insight.
4. Adding a widget.
5. Using filters.
6. Editing section titles and descriptions.
7. Renaming widgets.
8. Arranging widgets.
9. Exporting a dashboard to PDF.

Recommended reading


To access agent data, view default dashboards, and create a dashboard, Ana’s role in the platform must have the View all stats, Access to Advanced Analytics, and Manage Advanced Analytics permissions enabled. See Managing roles and permissions for more information.


Step 1: Creating a copy of the Routing mode - Operational Dashboard

1. Navigate to Analytics > Dashboards.
2. Click on Routing Mode - Operational Dashboard.
3. Click Save as new on the top right corner.
4. Enter a name for the custom dashboard.
5. Click Create dashboard.

Step 2: Removing the current interactions widgets and Initial Categories insights

1. Click on the Currently Open Interactions widget in the Current KPIs section.
2. Click the trash can icon that appears on the top right corner of the widget.
3. Click Delete in the confirmation window that appears.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 on the Interactions Created Today and Interactions Closed Today widgets.
5. Click on the Currently Open Interactions insight in the Initial Categories section.
6. Click Remove from dashboard in the pop up window that appears.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the Interactions Created / Closed Today and Initial Categories insights.

Step 3: Adding the Agents, Agent Login Utilization, and Avg CSAT Score widgets

1. Drag the Key Performance Indicator item into the dashboard.
2. Select Agents (Segments) in the Measure dropdown menu.
3. Select No comparison in the Compare with dropdown menu.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 two more times, this time selecting the Agent Login Utilization and Avg CSAT measures.

Step 4: Filtering the metrics to show data only from the previous month

1. Click the Date filter below the dashboard title.
2. Select Last month.
3. Click Apply.

Step 5: Customizing the sections and widgets

1. Click the Current KPIs section title.
2. Enter a new title.
3. Click on the section description.
4. Enter a description.
5. Hover over the Agents (Segments) widget title.
6. Enter a new title.
7. Drag the Avg CSAT widget to the bottom right of the section.

Step 6: Exporting the dashboard to a PDF file

1. Click Save & Publish.
2. Click the More icon.
3. Click Export to PDF.
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