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Version 22.06.22
Release Date: June 22, 2022
  • Updated design for "Business Hours" list
  • Added the information of who and when made last changes on "Rules Engine" list
VERSION 22.06.21
Release Date: June 21, 2022
  • Updated design for "API access token" list
VERSION 22.06.15
Release Date: June 15, 2022
  • Internet Explorer 11 support - end of life
VERSION 22.06.13
Release Date: June 13, 2022
  • Updated design for Users lists
  • Added the way to filter by extension type in/attachments API
VERSION 22.06.10
Release Date: June 10, 2022
  • Added the ability to configure algorithm for digest and signature in SAML extension
VERSION 22.06.09
Release Date: June 9, 2022
  • Updated design for Teams and Routing strategy lists
VERSION 22.06.08
Release Date: June 8, 2022
  • Relaxed limitations for WhatsApp embedded sign up flow according to the new rules on WhatsApp side 
  • Exposed identity group information to SFDC 
VERSION 22.06.07
Release Date: June 7, 2022
  • Updated design for Agent capacity and Presence statuses lists
VERSION 22.2.5
Release Date: June 01 , 2022
What's New
This is the 22.2.5 June Release Note. We may provide updates on features and enhancements for Engage Digital products as we get closer to the roll out date. 
RingCentral may update these Release Notes to document additional resolved and known issues.
This is the 22.2.5 June Release Note.
The following features are being released as part of the 22.2.5 June Release.
  • Channel SDK: Added read notification 
  • UX improvements: Updated the layout for Webhooks, Categories and Inboxed, Introduced IE11 placeholder
  • Google Business Messages:  Updated the UX for welcome message and conversation starters  
  • Rules Engine:  Allowed selected multiple categories with ‘OR’ condition
  • Engage Digital: Added tags to Directory for identity management in Email and SMS channels
Email Sources: Using Gmail as a source
  • Google is increasing the security requirements for accessing your Gmail accounts and will require using passwords generated with App Passwords in place of the "Less secure apps".  This setting will be removed from the account configuration from May 30, 2022. We recommend switching to using two-factor authentication with an App Password.
Here are a few reminder notices:
  • Webhook Integration: Reduce webhook timeout to 10 seconds
  • Starting today from June 1, 2022, we will reduce the timeout while waiting for the external server's response to accept the webhook from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Internet Explorer End of Support advisory
Microsoft has announced a June 15, 2022 End of Support for Internet Explorer browser for some operating systems. We recommend switching to another supported browser before this date if you are still connecting to Engage Digital with Internet Explorer.
  • Migration from basic authentication to OAuth 2.0 for email channels
Microsoft has announced the disabling of basic authentication starting from October 1, 2022 with the exception of SMTP Auth. For this reason, we highly recommend migrating to OAuth 2.0 authentication which is already supported in our email channels. The settings can be found here.
Channel SDK: Added read notification 
We have introduced an enhancement to the Channel SDK tool to provide a read notification, sometimes also referred to as a 'read receipt' on 3rd party channel conversations, to tell if the agent's message has been read by the end customer. You'll see the word ‘Read’ under the last message to the recipient and the time-stamp the message was read.
Channel SDK
UX improvements: Updated the layout for Webhooks Listings
We have updated the layout of the webhook listing by merging columns to provide an easier-to-read table.
UX Improvements
UX Improvements - After
UX improvements: Category listing improvements
We have improved the layout of category listing by merging columns to provide more space for the "Selected channels".
UX Improvements
UX Improvements - After
UX improvements: Improved the layout of Inboxed listing
We have improved the layout of Inboxes. Previously, the row's height was disproportionately too tall, which did not optimize the row layout. In addition, we have enhanced the word wrap for the name in the first column and updated the column width for "Query" and "Restrictions."
UX Improvements
UX Improvements - After
UX improvements: Introduced IE11 placeholder
With Microsoft's announced June 15, 2022 End of Support for Internet Explorer browser for some operating systems. Starting this time, the application will not be accessible by users using Internet Explorer; this IE11 placeholder will notify and invite them to use a supported browser.
IE11 placeholder
IE11 placeholder 
Google Business Messages: Updated welcome message and conversation starters 
We have made enhancements to the User Interface to align experience between Google Business Messages and Instagram Messaging. We made updates to Conversation settings and to the Welcome Message and Conversation starters by adding a new section with subsections: Conversation setting; and Subsections: Welcome message and Conversation starter. All the items becomes read-only and will be synchronized from Google.
Google Business Messages
Updated Conversation Settings, Welcome Message & Conversation Starter
Rules Engine:  Allowed selected multiple categories 
When creating a rule in Rule Engine, we have enhanced the"Category" condition to allow multiple categories to be entered and matched with "OR" condition.
Previously, when doing configuration, there was no way to add multiple criteria when creating rules in the rules engine; instead, you had to create individual rules, which resulted in numerous rules instead of just one. Maintenance becomes a support or customer problem if there are too many rules, as it gets more challenging to navigate and track.
The benefit of this enhancement is to make an extensive list of rules more manageable.
Rules Engine
Engage Digital: Added tags to Directory for identity management in Email and SMS channels 
We have added ‘Tags’ to the Directory for identity management in Email and SMS channels as another means to make it easier for agents to quickly search and add addressees.
Previously,  when Engage Digital auto completed the TO /CC /BCC fields in an email or SMS, it was performed by an auto-suggestion feature that worked using first name, last name, and custom fields. However, Agents were missing an integrated address book that would allow them to search within the Directory by using a  'Tag,' i.e., Support, Sales, Supplier, Influencer, etc. which often resulted in prolonged inefficient searches or references to sources outside of Engage Digital.
Email example with tags
Email example with Tags
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